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Geared for Growth Property Investing Podcast

Aug 19, 2018

Michael Yardney is the CEO and founder of the Metropole Property Group of Companies. Michael has been investing since the 70s. At 23, while Michael was still in university, he worked at Portmans and managed to save for a deposit. With the help of his parents, he bought a house in 17 Large Street, South Corfield. They paid $18,000 and they took a 30 year loan. From the investment, Michael got $12 a week for rent. Since then, they have built two townhouses on the property and it is worth well over $2,000,000. On today’s episode, Michael will share how he has achieved financial freedom and built a business that looks after property for investors. He also dives into different strategies such as development, renovation, and the psychological drivers between property investment and why people aren’t getting ahead.