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Geared for Growth Property Investing Podcast

Feb 22, 2023

Mike is joined by Adrian Trimboli, Buyer’s Agent and Director at Fresh Start Advisory in Melbourne, to talk about his journey up the property ladder, the mistakes he made getting started and what he learned along the way.

Feb 15, 2023

Mike is joined by Timothy Brown, Property Investor, Buyer’s Agent and Director of The Charleston Group. In this conversation, Tim shares his passion for building wealth through investing in property and explains how his background in the military prepared him with the attributes he needed to thrive in real estate.

Feb 8, 2023

Mike is joined by Kimberley Ackerman, Principal of Buyer Ambassadors and host of The Property Buyble podcast, to talk about getting the most out of your investment property. With interest rates on the rise, it’s more important than ever to ensure your property is performing at it’s best, and that doesn’t just...