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Geared for Growth Property Investing Podcast

Dec 22, 2019

Welcome to Geared for Growth. This week we're chatting with Goose McGrath, who's a buyer's agent and founder of Dashdot Buyer's agents. We have a chat to him about his past life as a hard-living, a festival running chap burning the candle at both ends through his decision to leave that life behind and get into the property game. His first property began with an off the plan apartment, which certainly stung, and he talks to us about the key learnings that he took away from that. We talk philosophy and mindset. We of course talk property and all the barriers that are in the way of property investors achieving the success that they desire. He runs us through his Holy Trinity strategy. We talk about unicorn properties and much, much more pretty wild and loose interview covering a myriad of topics, but one that I'm sure you'll enjoy.