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Geared for Growth Property Investing Podcast

Jun 5, 2017

Christine Williams is the principal of Smarter Property Investing and assists her clients to create wealth through strategy, guidance and the selection of residential investment properties. Christine herself is a property investor, buying her first property at the age of 18. She has extensive background in marketing, accounting, finance broking and real estate.

Christine humbly shares her mistakes, mindset shifts and successes along her property investing journey. We talk about becoming comfortable with debt, why working hard and earning a salary doesn't necessarily equate to wealth and how becoming suddenly single helped her on her way to a significant property portfolio.

Christine lives for the 'light bulb moment' when her clients understand how good debt can be utilised to generate real wealth over the long term. She has some simple yet innovative strategies such as 'sleep tests' and 'cash buffers' that she uses to help her clients make educated decisions.

We also talk in detail about her 10 mistakes that property investors make (, like not buying the property next door!