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Geared for Growth Property Investing Podcast

May 24, 2017

Paul Sonntag is a clever bugger, coming equipped with an MBA and everything. He also has great hair, which is beside the point, but worth mentioning given episode one featured Pete Wargent, who also has great hair.

Getting to the serious stuff, Paul is a buyers agent and founder of Aquus Property Buyers. Paul is a consummate property professional, boasting 15 years experience across many spheres of the industry.

Property sales and project marketing have been his major areas of focus, both across Australia and internationally. His career has seen him work with some of Australia's largest property developers, before taking his work overseas to Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom.

We chat with Paul about how he got started with property investment, the markets he is investing in and how he selects properties for both his clients and himself. I hope you enjoy!