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Geared for Growth Property Investing Podcast

Aug 25, 2020

An interview with property podcast royal, Tyrone Shum, who is the host of Property Investory. We chat to Tyrone about his background and why he got into property. We wanted to get his insights around interviewing some of the best and brightest property minds in Australia and what he has learnt from them.

Aug 18, 2020

We are chatting all things joint venture developments looking at subdivision and small scale construction with Ep 56 guest Luke Bailey, founder of Fourtier Buyers Agents, and Ep 61 guest Oliver Jackson, founder of Living Property. These guys have joined forces together to start working with their clients doing small...

Aug 10, 2020

Domenic Nesci is one of the co founders of Wealthi. Mike speaks to him about his background in financial planning and real estate development. He worked with major property developers like Third Eye Property, and he has some great take away's about what he learnt from working within that company. We have a chat to...

Aug 7, 2020

A bonus podcast episode discussing the recent national media attention for an MCG data release which looked at the distance between where a property investor lives and where they invest. We discussed this in more detail with Cate Bakos from Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA).

Aug 4, 2020

A bonus podcast episode which is the recording of a webinar with commercial property investing guru and episode 50 guest, Jay Anderson. Jay is the director and owner of Jay Anderson Property and we discussed what was happening with commercial tenancies during the pandemic, how to get started with commercial...